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Artist Book Archive - Edition Books 2004-2007
Books that have been sold out (a sampling).

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rip van Wrinkle book open
Rip Van Winkle
The story of Rip with old time illustrations of his world and a cover that secures close with a belt and buckle.
ship Wredk
Ship Wreck
The ruins of a ship in breathtaking beauty by photographer Jill Timm. Ship Wreck gives you a sense and feel of the ship with covers of rusted steel. An award winner.
Forest Fern
A hand pulled serigraph print book designed as the companion print for Meadow Rock in a “flag book” structure.
New Orleans Lexicon
New Orleans has a language all of it's own. This file case has the definitions to some of the more colorful words. Each word is
illustrated, many with 3-dimensional objects.
wild Oat Wild Oat
A serigraph print converted into a book structure much like a venetian blind. Eight panels are hinged together with a narrow ribbon.
Flying Flags
Book springs open to wave all 50 US state flag
postage stamps issued in 1976 in a structure appropriately named a flag book structure.

There once was an old house in the woods, deserted and hidden.A linoleum block, this structure is in between a Jacobs ladder and venetian blind.