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Artist Book Archive - Edition Books Before 2001
Books that have been sold out (a sampling).

One-of-a-kind Books
Edition Books 2004-2007
Edition Books 2001-2003

Shore Beach Photographic Book
The Shore
A book of the things you find at the beach,like shells, seaweed and jelly fish with a real sand dollar inset on the cover.
Wilderness Wonder Canadian Rockies Photo Album
Wilderness Wonder
A photo album with miniature photos and occasional interleaving pages of words about a day hike through a pristine wilderness area.
Water Spirit  Legend

Water Spirit
A Indian legend of a battle of wits between Water and Sun, illustrated with color photos of breathtaking landscapes and roaring waterfalls.

Yellowstone Spring

Yellowstone Spring
Shows the magnificence of the park in the blooming springtime.

Yellowstone Winter

Yellowstone Winter
A view into the wonders of a park, part snow and cold, and part hot springs and geysers.