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Voyages of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, plus he made 3 additional voyages. These were all commemorated in 1892 with the United States first commemorative postage stamps. Then in 1992 the stamps were reissued in 4 countries, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the US. This book is based on those stamps and each book has a mint set of all 15 stamps. I have books with each of the countries stamps, all the text is in English. The stamps are on hinged mini pages that pop up as each page is turned. The cover paper is a tough, rough and weathered paper with a cloth spine that matches the case material. The case kinda looks like a pouch with a belt and buckle closure. Just the thing to protect your book on a long rugged journey. Printed by a museum quality digital printing process on fine digital paper, and handcrafted by Jill Timm. Book is 3.5” x 5.75”. Limited to an edition of 12.

Book price with the case is $295.