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Artist Book Archive - Edition Books 2001-2003
Books that have been sold out (a sampling).

One-of-a-kind Books
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White Sands Book
White Sands
With a sand dune encased in the cover this accordion fold book has a 360 degree view of the dunes as far as you can see.
Ocean Dunes
A panarama view of the sandscape on the Oregon coast, with advent calendar windows that reveal details, the back has scenic views and details of the land.
Meadow Rock
The meadow rock image is a hand pulled serigraph. I thought a "flag book" structure would be intriguing way to showcase the print.
Sedona Scapes Book

Sedona Scapes
A rock hard polymer cover encloses the brilliant photos of the magical land of Sedona Arizona.

St Elmo Ghost Town Colorado

St Elmo
A silver mining town high in the Colorado mountains with photos converted to watercolors.

Bright Wings butterfly book

Bright Wings
Filled with colorful butterflies: landing, resting, mating, and even one trying to fly off the page!

Calico Ghost Town California

Calico Ghosts
Historic images of people on translucent pages that overlay color photographs of Calico, an old mining town, bringing the town back to life.

Sun Rise Duo
Sunrise Duo
A serigraph print converted to a book by folding, and folding. Set of two prints, two books.