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The Tree Party

The Tree Party is made from eco-printed papers. I tried out this new (to me) technique. Eco-Printing is a contemporary application of the traditions of natural dying. In eco-printing or dyeing, plants are enclosed in paper, bundled in stacks or layers and then steamed or immersed in hot water to extract the pigments and produce a print made with plant dyes. In searching for text that relates to these images I found the delightful poem by George Cooper about trees having a party. George Cooper (1840-1927) was an American poet remembered chiefly for his song lyrics, many set to music by Stephen Foster. The Tree Party is a small edition of 5 then later added 2 more books slightly bigger. Because of the nature of the printing process papers in each book are a bit different. Size is 3.125" x 4", editon of 5 + 2.