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The Amazing Dremel Workshops
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The Amazing Dremel (download pdf flyer)

In this creation transforming 2 day workshop learn how to use the magic tool every artist should have, the amazing Dremel tool. You will learn how to drill, cut, carve, etch, shape, polish, and grind non-traditional book making and craft materials such as, glass, plastic, metals, wood, tile and more. After this class your material options for your projects will be limitless. You will try your hand at working with various materials and learning how to use the numerous bits for different purposes and effects. As you play with materials you will be making pages for your sample book for later reference. Great for book artists, printmakers, jewelers, sculptors, or anyone wanting to do "stuff" to materials beyond paper and fabric.

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Class Photos, Videos, and Words of Dremel Students

Her students are talking...

Read a Dremel class experience blog by Alissa Campbell and see her samples.

Thanks again for a great class. -- Janice M. Healy 

I really enjoyed your class very much. I appreciated the *sampler* nature of it, so that we got to try so many different materials and techniques for a real solid learning experience. The fact that our samples were made into a simple but handy book form just added to the pleasure for me. You are a great teacher, and came very well prepared with experience, ideas and materials, and handled the various equipment failures exceedingly well.
--Jackie Gardener