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Mystical Places press

Winter Elk

Step into a winter landscape with this unusual and fun photographic tunnel book. Slide out the cover piece, pull the two covers apart and you look into a 3-D scene of a herd of wild Elk in their winter home. Archival paper and inks are used in a digital printing process (Giclee) that produces museum quality images. Winter Elk is bound in a black book cloth. The book is 5" x 7.5", illustrated with photographs by Jill Timm. The original edition is sold out. This is the Artist Proof with a one of a kind case that includes an actual elks tooth in the cover, unusual because it is made of ivory, it is removable for handing. The inside case has an explanation of why this tooth is so unique. Case is 5.75" x 8" x 2".

Only one made with case, $435.