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The Amazing Dremel Workshop Page
Class Photos, Videos, and Words of Dremel Students

I really enjoyed your class very much. I appreciated the *sampler* nature of it, so that we got to try so many different materials and techniques for a real solid learning experience. The fact that our samples were made into a simple but handy book form just added to the pleasure for me. You are a great teacher, and came very well prepared with experience, ideas and materials, and handled the various equipment failures exceedingly well.
--Jackie Gardener
Jill's enthusiasm for the Dremel was infectious and whatever trepidations I may have had using this power tool were erased once she showed us how easy it was to use. She encouraged all of us to experiment with the bits and I felt comfortable playing with my box of attachments. I was amazed at the amount of materials and supplies she had ready for us and was thankful for her organizational skills. I would recommend this class to everyone!
–- Lorraine Jones
After this class, I’m convinced that every artist needs a Dremel tool. And every Dremel tool user needs a class from Jill Timm. In the class Jill led us through the mechanics of using a Dremel to cut, grind, dig, emboss, deboss, drill, sand, polish, buff and trim using the tool. The class was useful, interesting, stimulating, and in the best way, exhausting. I’ve taken classes where you get bored and begin to drift off into chatting or doing your own work. Not here. I’ve seldom seen so little texting or email checking. Phones were being used as cameras here. We made a lot of interesting items. –- Quinn McDonald
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